Winter Roof Care in Columbus

Winter is here and there is a lot that homeowners need to think about. Making sure your roof survives winter is one of the most important actions to take for your home. But what are the signs that you may be facing a potential winter headache with your roof? Here at Benchmark Roofing & Restoration, we know the warning signs most often seen this time of year. If you stay on the lookout for these three key warning signs you will be in good shape for winter roof care:

Icicles on Gutters and Eves

Icicles are a notice sign that winter has arrived. They may look wonderful with the sun setting them aglow however in the event that your roof has monstrous icicle spikes shaping along the drains and overhang then you should observe. This is a noteworthy cautioning sign for the development of an ice dam, perhaps the greatest danger to the roof and your home too in the winter. These overwhelming patches of ice will put undue weight on the backings of the roof and can likewise cause serious water harm when they soften. They make the roof tricky and risky in the event that anybody endeavored to go up to clean up snow after a snowstorm. On the off chance that you speculate you have ice dams shaping you have to bring in the Benchmark Roofing specialists and let us help you securely expel the danger!

Snow Accumulation

Great winter roof care begins before the snow even starts to fall and closes after the snows have completely liquefied away. At the point when the snow gets too thick on the rooftop it can cause issues. Snow gets overwhelming and can rapidly packed down into risky snow packs that can undoubtedly harm the rooftop and when these snow packs get too substantial they can even be excessively strain for the help struts of the material framework. Additionally, overwhelming areas of this snow gathering are inclined to all of a sudden giving way and sliding off the rooftop. This can harm the rooftop by detaching shingles and gouging gaps into the rooftop and it can likewise remove canals and falling snow packs can harm individuals or pets and harm vehicles and different belonging. So snow gathering must be monitored!

Water Damage Inside

At the point when the roof has been traded off somehow and has missing shingles, harmed struts, or bargained covering, the inside of your home can be at extraordinary hazard for water harm as the winter season closes. As the hotter climate comes, ice and snow will start to dissolve and keep running off your rooftop. On the off chance that water discovers its courses into your home a ton of harm should be possible rapidly in light of the fact that it can influence the backings in the storage room, your celling our dividers, it can spill down into the sections of flooring, and holes in the roof regularly wind up dropping onto different belonging, for example, furniture or hardware. Call our emergency repair team on the off chance that you find you have spills caused by winter snow and ice harm!

Contact Us For Winter Roof Care

The best way to avoid these winter roofing hazards is to have the professional team here at Benchmark Roofing help you with all aspects of your roof care and maintenance.  If you need repairs, give us a call, we will handle it for you!  Contact us today to get started on your winter roof care plan!

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