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Winter Roof Care in Columbus


Winter Roof Care in Columbusicicles-ice-dam-on-gutter 284px

Winter is here and there is a lot that homeowners need to think about. Making sure your roof survives winter is one of the most important actions to take for your home. But what are the signs that you may be facing a potential winter headache with your roof? Here at Benchmark Roofing & Restoration, we know the warning signs most often seen this time of year. If you stay on the lookout for these three key warning signs you will be in good shape for winter roof care:

Ice Dams and Icicles on Gutters and Eaves

Icicles are a sign that winter has arrived. They may look wonderful with the sun setting them aglow however in the event that your roof has monstrous icicle spikes along the drains and overhang, then you should be careful. This is a noteworthy cautioning sign for the development of an ice dam, perhaps the greatest danger to your roof and home during winter in Columbus.

What causes ice dams?

Ice dams typically form as a combination two things happening:

  1. As you heat your home, warm air rises into your attic and the peak of your attic (highest point) will warm faster than the eaves near the gutter. This causes the snow at the top of your roof to melt.
  2. As the melted snow flows down your roof, before it reaches your gutters it tends to re-freeze at the eaves because the temperature is lower, creating a rim of ice around the home, causing even more water to get trapped and frozen.

This re-freezing can cause overwhelming patches of ice will put undue weight on the backings of the roof and can cause serious water damage when they soften. They make the roof tricky and risky to traverse in the event that anybody goes up to clean up snow after a snowstorm too.

What causes this temperature imbalance?

  • Poor attic insulation – the less insulation in your attic, the more heat will seep into your attic (instead of keeping your home warm)
  • Lack of ventilation – proper ventilation allows cool air to enter through the soffit forcing out the warm air. This balances the temperature allowing for more uniform thawing so re-freezing doesn’t happen.

If you believe you see ice dams forming on your roof, its a great idea to bring in an expert like the Benchmark Roofing contractors to inspect your home and let us help you remove the danger before your Columbus roof is compromised.

Snow Accumulation on your roof

snow-on-roof-columbusGreat winter roof care begins before the snow even starts to fall and closes after the snows have completely liquefied away. At the point when the snow gets too thick on the rooftop it can cause issues. Snow gets overwhelming and can rapidly pack down into snowpacks that can undoubtedly harm the rooftop.

When these snow packs get too substantial they can excessively strain the roof struts and material structure of your roof. Additionally, overwhelming areas of snow gathering are inclined to give way, causing an “avalanche” of snow that slides off your rooftop. This can harm the your roofing system by detaching shingles and gouging gaps into the roof. If your not careful down below, it can even harm family members, pets, or damage your vehicle if parked too closely to the home.  Snowpacks are something to keep and eye on so anytime you get a few inches of snow so take a look and ensure your roof doesn’t get too overloaded!

Water Damage Inside

When the roof has been compromised and has missing shingles, harmed struts, or loose underlayment, the inside of your home can be an dangerous place where water can harm the inside of the home. As the winter season closes and warmer temperatures come, ice and snow will start to melt and run off your rooftop. If there is a hole of any kind for water to enter, it can do a lot of water damage real quick. Ceilings can be soaked, drywall, floors, furniture, mold and mild can form and more. These easily can amount to thousands in damages let alone the hassle of construction and inconvenience for your family.

If you start to notice water spots on your ceiling, call the Benchmark Columbus roofing emergency repair team as we’ll be able to quickly identify the source of your leak caused by snow and ice.

What can you do to prevent ice damming and protect your roof from damage?

  1. Insulate your attic – this keeps heat inside your home instead of in the attic
  2. Ensure proper roof ventilation – this keep your roofing system cold for uniform thawing
  3. Remove the snow from your roof after a big storm – less snow on your roof means less problems
  4. De-ice your gutters and make sure they are clean in the fall – this ensures less water blockage and build up for snow for smoother drainage off your roofing system.

Contact Us Benchmark Roofing For Winter Roof Care in Columbus

The best way to avoid these winter roofing hazards is to have the professional team here at Benchmark Roofing help you with all aspects of your roof care and maintenance.  If you need repairs, give us a call, we will handle it for you!  Contact us today to get started on your winter roof care plan!

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