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Why a new roof is the best investment for your home


Why a new roof is the best investment for your home

According to data from the National Association of Realtors using a metric called “Recovered Project Cost,” meaning cost of the project versus your return on investment, new roofing was calculated at 107% ROI!

What does that equate to?

On a $200,000 home, that would amount to a $14,000 increase in your home’s appraisal value. A new roof PAYS YOU.

This was the number one return on investment for a home improvement project from the NAR’s data. Here was the entire list of exterior projects from page 33 of their PDF:

Realtor rank of projects home value roofing number one

NOTE: If you choose to go with a metal roof, it was calculated that the return on investment would only be 61% BUT a metal roof lasts longer, decreasing the long-term cost of the roof.

How to save more with a new roofJames hardie modern siding - yellow aluminum and tan wood shake combination

Recent Storm? Check with your insurance:  If you have damage from a storm, your insurance could reimburse you for the expenses. You might even have damage that you don’t know you have! Not all storm damage can be seen from the ground. It is best to have a professional fully inspect your roof. Schedule a free inspection and Benchmark Roofing can give you a full report of the condition of your roof.

Energy Efficient: Most people don’t realize, but some types of shingles are ENERGY STAR rated. This reduces 10%-15% of your energy costs when you choose shingles that reflects solar heat.

Roofing Contractor Savings: If you choose a time when contractors aren’t busy you may be able to save 10%-15% on a new roof. Also check the contractor’s website for coupons and other deals.

Ask for Better: Keep in mind that a written estimate is just an offer from the contractor.

There is more than just money to be saved

Longer Warranties: Today’s asphalt shingle warranties are usually twice as long, if not longer, than what warranties were a few years ago. A Normal warranty used to be around 20 years. Nowadays warranties are close to 50 years.

benchmark-roofing-metal-products-powell-ohio 473pxDon’t get ripped off

Keep in mind that a subpar roofing installation can negate any money you might save on your initial purchase or on your utility bills over time. To connect with a LICENSED, INSURED contractor with great references CLICK HERE.